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2019 Division 2 State Champions
2019 Division 2 State Champions

The Brown’s Lake Aquaducks is a not-for-profit water ski team. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. What does this mean? This means that the amount donated is considered to be tax deductible. Other than just donating for a tax write off reason, there are many other reasons why donating/sponsoring to the Brown’s Lake Aquaducks is a great idea.

How would I benefit sponsoring the Aquaducks?

There are many reasons why sponsoring the Aquaducks would directly benefit a business. First of all, we are very active in the Wisconsin region and promote our sponsors wherever we travel. We have the ability to promote your business to tens of thousands of potential customers every season. Not only will your business be promoted to many eyes and ears across the Midwest, but our professionalism will insure that your corporate image is promoted in the correct way as if it was our own reputation that we were dealing with.

If I donated, what will happen with my money?

Since we are a not-for-profit organization, we need a lot of overhead to keep our equipment maintained and up to date, purchase emergency medical supplies/training, props and costumes for our show, and many other things. Your money would be put towards a professional group of individuals with an exceptional amount of talent that love to water-ski. As we continue to exceed and innovate the water-skiing industry, we will also carry your sponsorship and promote your services and/or products through our network of people and audiences that we attract every day of the year.

Why the Aquaducks?

The Aquaducks are not limited to being a water-skiing team. We are a community of people dedicated on giving back to the local community with volunteer labor and also funding projects directed towards the younger generation, such as our Junior Show Team. Our Junior Show Team is designed to not only give children the chance to develop a passion for water-skiing, but to promote team building, leadership, and communication. It is our honor to bring in younger members and give them an environment to develop healthy life skills, and also promote physical activity. We look forward into speaking with you about any form of sponsorship/donation. If you are interested, please contact our President using the Contact Us page.